Cooking a Yummy Shrimp Recipe Easily With Deep Fryers

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Do you want to try cooking something else in your deep fryers besides French fries and chicken? Why don’t you try your cooking skills on a seafood recipe. To deep fry shrimp is so easy to do and it is so delicious that anyone would fall in love with your cooking skills on the first bite.

All you need to gather are your shrimp, cooking oil, your batter, and your deep fryer. Honestly you can use a skillet or a pan to fry the shrimp but it is more convenient to use a deep fryer. Plus, it also cooks faster when submerged totally in the oil, and every part of it is equally cooked. If you use a skillet or a pan, you would have to constantly turn the shrimp over to make sure every part of it is cooked evenly.

After you gather your ingredients, you can make your batter. You may do this before cleaning your shrimp or after; it doesn’t matter. You can make a wet or dry batter. Wet batters are prepared by mixing flour and eggs and adding some seasoning. Japanese tempura is prepared using a wet batter with just added water (one Asian cook used ice and did some rare stunts on his cooking show but you don’t have to imitate that). Dry batter is usually just some cornmeal or seasoned flour. You can make it fancier by adding breadcrumbs or grated coconuts.

You have to first peel the shrimp cleanly and devein them. You can start by pulling off the head and the legs of the shrimp, then peel off the outer shell. It’s not a very delicate job. I actually find it a bit messy. Just make sure that you don’t pull the flesh off together with the shell.

Some people prefer to take off the tail, but it’s alright to leave them on for decorative purposes. (Personally I like leaving them on, because it is also a little bit more convenient to use the tail to hold the deep-fried shrimp.) Get a small paring knife and cut along the outer edged of its back, but don’t cut too deep. Just cut until you see the vein of the shrimp, and then lift it off. Now your shrimp are ready to swim in the batter, and after that, into the deep fryers.

You can set the temperature between 350° and 375° Fahrenheit (176.6° to 190.5° Celsius), but a lot of cooks don’t really mind it as long as they can make sure the temperature isn’t too high to cause the breaded shrimp to be overcooked, or too low for that matter.

Don’t pour everything into the deep fryer and don’t cook all the shrimp at once. If you do that you would have a hard time making sure they stay separated from each other. Wait until the shrimp will float up to the top of the oil. This means the shrimp is done. Of course, you will want them to be a golden brown. Drain the cooked shrimp on paper towels. Or you can put them on cheesecloth to take care of the excess oil.

Now you’re done! Serve it with a smile and serve while warm. Using deep fryers to cook special delicacies like these is so worth it, especially if you can see the satisfied smiles of the persons eating the food you cooked.